Off Grid Appliance Power: Using a Juicer

What is a juicer, how much power does it use, and why would I want one?  Ever wonder  if you’d ever be able to juicerdrop some of those pesky pounds that seem to creep onto your frame over the years?  Well, something funny happened to me about  6 weeks ago;   I stumbled into watching a documentary on Netflix.  It got me thinking, and experimenting some with what I eat.  The good news is that the power required for the new appliance turns out to be reasonably low.

The documentary I watched was, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.  Its about this Australian guy wh0 travels

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Small Generator Review 5, Husky 4Kw

Here’s the story of our husky generator and its real life review.  Sometimes you have the Husky 4000W generatoropportunity to shop, investigate, and find reviews before making a moderate sized purchase.  In this case, it was dark, cold, and the stores were going to close soon.

Urgent winter power need.

It was early January and we had my sister’s family up to visit.  Everyone looks forward to this visit with the cousins, snowmobiling, and winter fun.  It was early afternoon

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The off-gridder has been Off Grid (off blog) too long!

digging outWhen we started this genverters.com project, I swore that I’d never start any post or article with the phrase, “its been a long time”.   Well it must be getting a lot colder down below because: Its been a long time. There, I said it, and we can move on to other items of interest making your remote off grid move a little easier and more understandable.

[Editors note:  We'll begin with a few catch up posts here to fill in a few key items related to having a remote off grid home.  There are several new power articles in the works related to our system changes I'm sure you'll find interesting.]

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mandatory spring training

dog on trailHow are you training for your off grid move?  Something that can be too easy to overlook in the busyness of doing your research and purchasing the ‘stuff’ needed for the move is exercise and physical conditioning.  In our case this year, there has been no shortage of opportunities and situations that demand some level of good physical conditioning.  I must confess that It would have been nice to be in better shape when these situations showed up.

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Monster Laptop for off grid computing power

About 2 or 3 weeks ago we took another plunge.  I dove into a new laptop for all the varied projects that come our way.laptop top All I can say is Wow, comparing the cost and performance of this latest laptop to my netbook or the big laptop I purchased 5 years ago.  I’ve named this  new HP DV7 laptop, MonsterLT with it’s 17″ LED screen.

The last PCs I got before this were the 2 netbooks that work well in the field.  Especially when you need something that boots up fast and has long battery life.  It turned out that most of my work was on other computers, so using a netbook + large screen + a full size keyboard and mouse was good enough for 90% of my work.

Lost Productivity?

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Transportation Booby Trap and Couch Time

dig people

Who wears slippers for digging?

Living off grid in a remote location seems to always keep things interesting.  Just about the time you get used to everything working and being reliable, something happens and Mr. Murphy interrupts your plans.  This year is no different in the travel department.  As I’ve written before, its best not to make hard commitments or travel plans during our 5th season around here; we call it mud season.

Winter Review

We had snow very early around here the third week of November.  About 15″ in one storm.  Since so much came at once, there was a scramble to get a snowmobile ready, and move vehicles down the mountain.  Unfortunately, the last rig I took down did not make it, the mountain truck.  I backed it slightly over a berm so that one wheel lost traction in the dark.  Then the fateful decision of, “wait till the morning”

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